time life records presents.

Kya likes to make up songs, everywhere, all the time. Most of the time in the bathtub. Tonight’s repertoire included such greats as: “No Animals Allowed” “Sea of Teeth” “Get Yer Warm Precious Milk” “Diaper Ballet” “Who Are You Voting For, Honey?” “Eating Humans for Dessert” “Everybody Say ‘Baaaa!’”

30 weeks.

Holy shit, I’ve only got about two months left – two busy, busy months that include three weddings, one federal holiday, two children’s birthdays, one visit from my dear wife Aughra, a Radiohead concert, a big move to a new house, Kya’s first day of kindergarten (oh my god), my mom’s college graduation, a family…

it’s not easy trying to be green.

Thank you, thank you, New York Times, for this article. It’s so nice to know that other people out there are going crazy from being inundated with “green noise.”