time life records presents.

Kya likes to make up songs, everywhere, all the time. Most of the time in the bathtub. Tonight’s repertoire included such greats as:

  • “No Animals Allowed”
  • “Sea of Teeth”
  • “Get Yer Warm Precious Milk”
  • “Diaper Ballet”
  • “Who Are You Voting For, Honey?”
  • “Eating Humans for Dessert”
  • “Everybody Say ‘Baaaa!'”

30 weeks.

Holy shit, I’ve only got about two months left – two busy, busy months that include three weddings, one federal holiday, two children’s birthdays, one visit from my dear wife Aughra, a Radiohead concert, a big move to a new house, Kya’s first day of kindergarten (oh my god), my mom’s college graduation, a family reunion, and a massive transition at work that I’m a really big part of (the boss has threatened to “keep that kid in with duct tape until we’re done”). I literally have something scheduled for every weekend between now and Labor Day – which, by the way, used to be my due date until the ultrasound revealed he’s a week bigger than previously thought, which puts me at around August 25th. But wait, K was 2 weeks early – just like me and all of my siblings.

Luckily, though, I’m not bored.

I’ve gained, so far, 28 pounds. Not even halfway to where I was the last time. Have I mentioned that when pregnant with Kya, I gained 70 pounds? That really sucked. I commend myself this time around. I think it has a lot to do with not having cable television.

K and I saw Kung Fu Panda with some friends tonight. It was pretty awesome – especially enjoyed David Cross voicing the character of a crane.

In unrelated news, I found a receipt in a basket at the grocery earlier this week. It belonged to someone who purchased only two things: a tube of Icy Hot and a box of Milk Duds.

i’m like waldo.

I’ll turn up sooner or later. Usually wearing stripes and an odd hat.

It’s been a while. Here’s what you’ve missed:

  • We bought a new computer. Our old one died. The new one has Vista. Vista is weird.
  • Scotty quit smoking, thanks to Chantix. This is a very big deal. It’s been 28 days. So far, so good.
  • My job just got a whole lot crazier. Like, I just had to hire a whole team of people that I’m going to be in charge of kind of crazy. Putting me in charge of a group of adults is a potentially dangerous idea.
  • Obama’s in! Hillary’s out! Yay!
  • Total, chaotic flooding in our state. This shit was out of control. It still is – lots of people are stranded, roads are covered, and it all happened really quickly. And it’s supposed to keep raining this week.
  • I used self-tanner. As usual, this resulted in orange stripes that bore no resemblance to a tan. When will I learn?