I finally feel like having fun in the kitchen again. Tonight I made a big batch of tortilla chips. Considering that the average cost of a bag of chips at the store is $3-4, and the majority of those chips are shitty, it’s not only tastier but more economic to spend less than $2 on a pack of tortillas and do it yourself.
You’ll need:
  • an oven, set to 375 degrees
  • a cookie sheet, preferably two
  • vegetable oil for savory chips, melted unsalted butter for sweet chips
  • whatever flavorings you desire: salt, pepper, cumin, cinnamon, sugar, cloves, nutmeg
  • a bevvy of paper towels to let ’em dry on
Cut your tortillas into eighths with a big ‘ol sharp knife and a cutting board.
Pour your oil or butter onto the cookie sheet. I didn’t measure, but make sure the sheet is coated and then some.
Lay your chips on the sheet. Brush some more oil/butter over them.
Sprinkle on your toppings, bake each batch for about 10 minutes, and then bob’s your uncle.