it’s romantic, in a way.

I’ve written before about the ridiculous conversations Scott & I have in bed. They’re usually bizarre, perverse, and probably to anyone but us, disgusting. Last night’s was a good one.

It’s been determined that, should either of us ever lose a bet to the other, the winner gets to administer an enema of any choice of liquid to the loser. Scott would get coffee or olive oil, and I’d end up with Code Red Mountain Dew or Orange Crush.

But that doesn’t come anywhere near the time we discussed what life would be like if you pooped out your bellybutton.


6 thoughts on “it’s romantic, in a way.

  1. awesome. it is that stuff that keeps relationships great and strong in my opinion. my memory is too bad to write posts on our *witty* conversations that is why i use twitter i can have it written out before i forget only problem is then it is already out there so posting would be silly for me.

    you two crack me up 🙂


  2. germanjenny

    I haven’t been on your very poetic site for a looong time. I’m impressed by the depth of your conversations in bed 🙂 I miss you a lot! Viele liebe Gruesse an Deinen Mann!

  3. aughra

    Oh, God, Code Red Mountain Dew?

    I just mentioned some of the horrible things Fodge and I talk about in bed in my latest post!

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