the man who drove the snakes away.


Yesterday was the first St. Patrick’s I’ve not really celebrated in a long time. No Irish Lion. No Guinness. No Bushmills. I’m not Irish, but it’s still a tradition. I guess I could have had an O’Douls. Or I could have made these delicious-sounding Guinness cupcakes.

Kya and I went to the grocery after school for some green-iced cupcakes and ingredients for pizza. On our way to our car, we passed a fat, bearded dude wearing a tall green-and-white-striped hat driving a low rider.

“Look, Mom! A leprechaun! Let’s catch him and get his gold!” she said to me.

“That’s not a leprechaun, honey. That’s just a fat guy with a hat on his way to get drunk,” I replied.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. beautythatmoves says:

    You should still make those cupcakes…I made the cake Sunday and it was AMAZING!!!! I’m making it again on Easter…

  2. aughra says:

    Oh, you’re making her grow up so fast!

  3. Sam says:

    Happy Belated. I am a bit under the weather but will return soon!

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