women are gross.

Amazingly, today, I’m not going to bitch about pregnancy. No, I’m going to bitch about work.

I was washing my hands in the bathroom, which is always, unfailingly nasty. Women are so disgusting sometimes. Men are bad, too, but women? If you’re going to leave your pubes and droplets on the toilet seat, if you’re going to forget to flush, if you’re going to leave a trail of blood everywhere, don’t complain about the mens. Anyway, I was washing my hands at the sink and what was fluttering around the drain in vain hope of escaping?

A fucking Cheerio.

Why? Who thought a Cheerio, roughly three times the size of the holes in the drain, would successfully go down?

But it’s not just been Cheerios, my friends, oh no. During my tenure here, I’ve seen everything from noodles to dead flowers to something that looked like a tooth in those basins. I’ve also encountered mounds of hair near the toilet base, a breastpumping mother, and a used condom.

How that condom got there is a story for speculation if ever there was one.


a meme i can live with.


I found this through Sam, who found it here. Because I can’t use PhotoShop or the Internet enough in one day.

been reduced to this.

Brain isn’t functioning, so I’ll just do a meme. Pathetic, I know.

What is the last book you read?
Eye Contact, by Cammie McGovern

What type of computer mouse do you use?
Mmmm, my Wacom graphics tablet. I love it.

What is your favorite fruit?

What is your favorite airport you’ve been to?
The Frankfurt Airport in Germany. It’s massive and clean and is like its own little city.

What is the best Halloween costume you have ever worn?
That would have to be the flamenco dancer.

What is the last film you saw?
At home: a PBS documentary on Jonestown. In the theatre: Sweeney Todd.

What is one food (or meal) you used to hate but now love?
Chinese food. But not right now. Pregnancy is already doing a number on the things I do/don’t like. The mere thought of coffee makes me ill. And right now, I would love to eat some pickles.

What is something you collect? Why?
Dust? I’m not much of a collector. I have lots of records, though. That might count.

Do you volunteer? Would you like to?
I’ve worked for Lotus Fest for two years. I did some work with the Obama campaign last summer and fall. I want to work with Midwest Pages for Prisoners… but I don’t have the energy right now.

What was your first job?
I ran the cash register and helped with deliveries for a greenhouse. That place smelled like a funeral home.

What is the best museum you have visited?
The MoMa. It’s one of the happiest places on earth.


january sucks.


January is the longest, dullest, slowest month of the year. I’m impatient for the year to move a little faster, for my work day to move faster, for life to progress a little bit more, for winter to be over.  Rome wasn’t built in a day, I know. But it probably wasn’t built in January, either.

Scotty and I have been watching some political thrillers lately, what with the primaries and all. Over the weekend, it was The Parallax View, and this week, it’s been Presumed Innocent and The Pelican Brief. Also, you should read George McGovern’s essay on why he believes Bush & Cheney should be impeached.

I want to watch some Star Trek:TNG.


a trimester of bitching.

The bun in my oven (henceforth referred to as Bunny) is making me sleepy. It’s making me slightly queasy, but just enough to be there and be very annoying. Nothing gets rid of the watery-cabbage-soup taste at the back of my throat. It’s making me sensitive to smell and temperature. I think our house smells like dead skin and the girls’ room smells like sweat and milk. We slept with a window cracked open last night so I could air out the phantom odors. A window open in January? At night? No, it’s okay, because it’s 60-some degrees outside right now. Which is pretty fucking weird and a really awful tease… I can’t wait for spring and summer.

I don’t want to be a horrible, miserable, obnoxious pregnant woman. Really. I want to crave more than diner food and grapefruit. I don’t want to have to chill my pillowcase in the freezer before bed, just so I can get to sleep. I don’t want to use my lunch hour to take naps in my car. I don’t want to be antisocial, but I am right now. This will pass. The first trimester is the worst, and in a horrible blah winter, at that. Just bear with me.

And thank you to everyone who has left congratulatory and supportive comments – they really mean so much.


when i grow up.

Kya and I were talking in the car tonight about what she wants to be when she grows up. Her answer has been all sorts of things in the past. Her first response?

“A mail carrier.”
“Yeah… or a police officer.”
“A police officer, huh?”
“Noooo… maybe just a worker in the library.”
“That’d be fun.”
“Can I work in the library, Mommy?”
“Sure. When you’re older.”
“Noooo… I think I just wanna do what you do.”
“Make book covers?”
“No, what you do when you get home. Cook stuff, read to me, clean up things, work on the computer, read books in bed, give me snacks.”
“Really? You think that’s all good stuff?”
“Yep. That’s what I wanna do when I grow up. Like you.”

I melted. Damned kids, they can really make up for all the ways they drive you mental sometimes.


i ♥ hate ♥ huckabee

I went to the post office today to mail a package to my dear Aughra, and there was a girl with a petition standing outside. She approached me and asked, “Ma’am (i hate being called that), are you an Indiana voter?” I confirmed that I was, and she continued: “Awesome! Then I’d like to ask you to sign this petition to put Mike Huckabee on the Indiana ballot…”

I cut her off. “Ha! No way!” I snorted, and proceeded inside.

Let me explain: I fucking loathe Mike Huckabee. It isn’t that he’s a Christian. It isn’t that he’s a Republican. It’s the fact that he’s using his religion and experience as a pastor as leverage for his candidacy. He’s the candidate that the religious right-wing is immediately drawn to because of this. He’s the man they think can bring about “the change America needs.”

I cringe to think of the change that could be brought by a man who supports the war in Iraq, opposes abortion, opposes same-sex marriages/civil unions, and doesn’t believe evolution should be taught in public schools.

The basic problem with Mike Huckabee is that his faith (and we know what that is) would permeate every aspect of his presidency (should he have one). I quote from his website: “I don’t separate my faith from my personal and professional lives.” But his professional life would mean running this country, so obviously the country would be affected by his faith.

And that? That right there? Yeah, it flies directly in the face of everything separation of church and state stands for. If he wants to be a pastor, okay. If he wants to be a president, okay. But he can’t be both.