not the same, but not that different, either.


Yes, I’m still here. I feel lame when I try to make up for lost blog time, like I should have some amazing reason why I’ve not written anything in nearly a month. “I was living in Guatemala teaching HTML to orphans!” or “I was on safari in darkest Belgium!” But no. I’ve just been living… taking care of kids, working, cooking, doing yoga, reading, watching soccer, watching movies, cleaning up messes, rearranging my cubicle at work, talking to the hamster. Oh, and then there were the holidays, which wore me down, as always. The girls enjoyed it, as always. They got so many gifts and were completely jaded by the end of it all, as always.

My next post will be about New Year’s resolutions. But I have to figure out how to satisfy the ones I made for 2007 in the next three days first.


the goose is getting fat.

Christmas is three weeks away. Yikes.

I’m taking a kundalini yoga class that I am absolutely in love with. I hate it on Monday nights. Tonight is Monday. I’m happy. Come Wednesday, I’ll be sore as hell, but the class makes me feel so good that I don’t care.

We watched No End in Sight¬†yesterday, and it was both infuriating and informative. I’m glad I watched it, though. Next up from Netflix, Friends of God… a Road Trip with Alexandra Pelosi.¬†

I have a new blog. It’s a food blog. Here it is. Enjoy.