ghouls et goblins.


Happy Halloween!

The cupcakes turned out beautifully. The icing is my own maple buttercream, and the cake is vanilla, but not just any vanilla. This came from Bake & Destroy, too – a version of the famous Magnolia Bakery’s vanilla cupcake. By the way, thank you, Natalie, for all the inspiration – I think I’m in love with you and your blog.

My Mia Wallace wig was waiting for me at work this morning, and even after taking it home, cleaning it, cutting it, styling it, it was still just a cheapo piece of shit. Harumph.

Leaving work early to get the kiddos and get started on the festivities. I hope no kids come to our house – we haven’t got any candy! We’ll hide out upstairs with the lights off if they do.


holy smokes.


I drew these little Halloween characters to become cupcake toppers for Kya’s school Halloween party. I got the idea from one of my new favorite blogs, Bake & Destroy. 

K started to use some very funny phrases like “Holy smokes!” and “Jeez, Louise!” She says them very enthusiastically, with wide eyes.

I ordered a wig for my Halloween costume, and thanks to a major fuck-up at FedEx, it won’t get here until noon-ish tomorrow. Argh.

We carved our jack o’lantern last night. K requested that it have a “girl face,” so it does. And she named it Sarah.

shoegaze saturday.


It’s a beautiful drizzly grey Saturday. I spent the morning at the Farmer’s Market (turnips, potatoes, carrots, butternut squash, golden delicious apples, a soon-to-be jack o’lantern pumpkin, a bouquet of dried flowers), and then went to Rose Hill cemetary to take some photographs. My chucks, socks, and hems of my jeans got completely soaked from the wet. I’m sitting with my feet on a little space heater now, and I am going to heat up some vegetable soup.An old friend from high school that I haven’t spoken to in years had a baby girl earlier this week. Congratulations, Amy.

It’s no secret I am suspicious normal christ-followers, but even moreso, I am suspicious of former convicts-turned Christians.

I am going to dress as Mia Wallace for Halloween. This weekend, I’ve still got to make K’s robot costume and C’s zombie bride costume. And since I don’t have a sewing machine, it’s all scissors and glue gun funtimes.


going deeper underground.

I’m breaking up with the Internet.

Well, we’ll be on a trial separation period.  But still.

Tonight, when I saw David Sedaris (who was wonderful, by the way), a member of the audience asked him why he didn’t have a website. David is notoriously anti-technology. And in his charming, tangential way, he pretty much said that he thinks the Internet makes people crazy. And I get it. I really do.

I mean, I can’t check a fucking news website without encountering a barrage of clashing opinions and slanderous swipes in the comments. Message boards make me ill. Blogwars are out of control. I had a MySpace profile once. I have a Facebook profile now; start counting down the hours until that bites it, too. Facebook, which initially attracted me with its control and straightforwardness, has become overrun with ridiculous applications. The Internet has become a harshly-lit stage for the self-righteous and a gleaming buffet for the critics.

I want simplicity. I want something organic. I yearn for the smell of books. I miss the sight of ink on real paper. I crave human contact – real voices, real touch. I am ready to step back from the coup of technology as much as my 21st-century life will allow me.


talk pretty


  • I am going to see David Sedaris at the IU Auditorium tonight. The excitement can barely be contained.

  • I am paying very little attention to the blog world these days.

  • I think I will blog only in bulleted list format from now on.


totally wired.


Hey! It feels like fall outside!


obligatory monday.

The Canadians had me perplexed earlier today. Today is their Thanksgiving, apparently.

It was good to have an evening that wasn’t entirely consumed by theatre rehearsal last night. I cleaned everything in the house, actually cooked dinner, and then baked an apple crisp.

I’ve been listening to the Police all day. I’m going to see David Sedaris in eight days. It’s supposed to be 90 degrees today. I want some fall.