hi! ate us.

In order to give me some level of sanity, I am temporarily abandoning blogs – reading them, writing on mine, what-have-you. I’ve got less than two weeks until opening night of the play, and I not only have to finish memorizing my lines and learning how to act with props (let’s just say I’m having trouble with a bottle of rum), but I also need to write an article about the show and design a couple of ads for the program, as well as write my bio and get my headshot taken. Work has taken a turn for the crazy, with two big side-projects needing attention. Oh, and I have Lotus Fest this weekend. Oh, and there’s laundry to be put away, a car that needs to have plates renewed, floors that need swept, and a child who needs her bangs cut.

I’ll be back, though. Promise.


friday’s list for 21 september 2007.


Today is my 24th birthday. It is also H.G. Wells, Bill Murray, Stephen King, Leonard Cohen, Dave Coulier, Ricki Lake, Liam Gallagher, and Nicole Richie’s birthdays. Scott has already given me my birthday present, which made me completely ecstatic: two tickets to see David Sedaris at the IU Auditorium next month. Oh. My. God. Anyway, here’s your list:

Ten Ways I Have Celebrated Past Birthdays:

  • Birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese
  • Slumber party with a Ferngully cake and multicolored popcorn
  • A surprise party that made me cry
  • A facial and my first piece of tiramisu at a hotel in Florida
  • Receiving my first E-Z Bake Oven at the age of 17
  • Many a meal at Red Lobster
  • Waiting three hours at the DMV to get my new license on my 21st

Happy Friday, and happy birthday to me.

the materfacit ticker

I’m trying to get back into blogging… I am very busy… I stayed up really late coloring my hair; it’s darker now for both fall and the fact that I’m playing a Jew in four weeks… Kya started her new school today; the drop-off went well, so keep fingers crossed… My birthday is Friday… I love the new stuffed animals (birds) at Starbucks… What the shit is going on with OJ?


how now, brown cow.

I am taking a vacation from le blogging. I am going to be a very busy lady for the remainder of the month – I found out last night that I am going to be performing in a play in October, and I have rehearsals pretty much every weeknight. I’ve also got volunteering for the Lotus Festival at the end of the month, as well as various other activities. I’ll check in when I can, but I just need a lil break. Don’t be scared or sad. Is all good.


friday’s list for 7 september 2007.


I need a helmet. It’s been a crazy week.

Things I Did or That Happened This Week:

  • Gave Scotty a pedicure

  • Purchased a ridiculous amount of groceries

  • Switched to fall hair

  • Tanned

  • Got a raise

  • Went back to work

  • Paid 90% of outstanding bills

  • Cean started going to the Boys & Girls Club

  • Kya got a new teacher that she doesn’t like

  • Made vegetarian lasagna

  • Scott’s brakes went shitty

  • Became one-car family

Happy Friday.