raging and hungry.

I don’t feel like forming a cohesive post today, so this is what you get:

1. I am so fucking annoyed by Dubya’s promise to veto the war funding/withdrawal timetable bill, should it pass the Senate. He is such an arrogant, pompous buffoon, and he makes me want to vomit. Admitting that the troops should be withdrawn from Iraq and that the Iraqis should now have to deal with their own governing problems would make him a much bigger man than “staying the course.” But of course Big Oil would be sorely disappointed in him, so it looks like we’ll stay until everyone’s dead.

2. I am all for the eradication of the “In God We Trust” Indiana plates, because a) they’re ugly, and b) they’re inappropriate. It isn’t just a patriotic sentiment, it’s a proclamation of faith, and it’s supporting something you believe in. I believe in the Kids First fund, so I pay my extra $30 to have a plate that shows it, as do the alums, enviros, nurses, teachers, etc., etc. And so should the Christians. We live in what is supposed to be a secular society, people. CHRISTIANITY IS NOT THE BLOODY DEFAULT!

3. I have a craving for barbecue.


funny, i never thought it was dull before.

Yesterday, I saw a new gynecologist for my annual exam. Before, I had always kicked it old school, supporting Planned Parenthood. I still do support them and everything they stand for, but my insurance doesn’t and I’d rather not have to pay full price. Anyway, I scheduled an appointment with a very reputable gyno in town (because I don’t want some quack looking at my nether region), and yesterday was the big day.

My new doctor is a very pleasant fellow. And no, I don’t have any qualms about having a male gyno. While we were going over my medical history, he made the comment, “Everything looks pretty good… nice and boring.” Boring? As in, the same word that can be used to describe C-Span, calculus, and vanilla pudding? I guess that’s good, though, right? The new gyno is also mustachioed. That’s right: yesterday, a man with a handlebar mustache was peering into my vagina.

After my exam, he was making notes on my chart and told me the results of the exam would be back in about a week and a half. As he wrote, he spoke out loud: “Normal, normal, normal, normal. Everything looks perfectly normal.”

So basically, what I can conclude from my annual visit is that I have very average, boring lady parts. I’m not offended, though. Especially since he gave me two months’ worth of free birth control pills.

for mutant women.

David Cronenberg’s Dead Ringers is one of my favorite movies, but it’s definitely made me creeped out to ever see a gynecologist again.


guns don’t kill people – the second amendment kills people.

In light of the Virginia Tech shootings this week, CNN.com today juxtaposed two very different commentaries debating both sides of a heated argument: gun control. On the pro-control side, we have Tom Plate, former editor of the LA Times. On the anti-control side, we have none other than crazy-ass Ted Nugent.

Plate’s article takes an angle more focused on the sadly commonplace status of guns in American society, and he also speaks on his experience of being robbed at gunpoint a month ago. I’m on his side – I agree that because guns are nearly everywhere, no one is safe anywhere.

Ted Nugent, however, presents a pretty weak, not to mention silly, argument. He lists incidents in which ordinary citizens have been able to defend themselves and others in dangerous situations by using firearms. The problem is that these dangerous situations all involved some sort of maniac brandishing -guess what?- a gun.

My thoughts on gun control go something like this: it’s too late for America. We’ve been taking full advantage of the right to bear arms for so long, it would be nearly impossible to reverse the effects. Even if outlawed, could they ever be eliminated completely? I’m inclined to say no – after all, look at the Prohibition. We live in a culture where, like it or not, we have guns and they’re not going away.

The unfortunate truth is those of us who don’t own guns have to trust those who do to use and care for them wisely, and that isn’t something I’m prepared to do. So what about us? Should we resign ourselves to being at the mercy of the gun-toters? Aside from holding our breath and crossing our fingers when we drive through shady neighborhoods or walk down a dark alley, I don’t see much other choice.

It’s sad that school shootings, accidental firings, and drive-bys have become so prevalent in American society. But thanks to the Second Amendment and its many interpretations since it was created in 1789, they are. Somehow, I think the Founding Fathers might have given some pause to their words if they had known what would become of them.


my little patriot.

Last night, Kya practiced her Pledge of Allegiance whilst sitting on the toilet. Her version includes the phrases “tuna republic” and “one nation, under frog.”

Happy Friday. It’s going to be a lovely weekend.


making good use of our time.

Things my kids have been into or have talked about lately:

  • Devo
  • Dr. Who
  • Underdog cartoons
  • Scott’s Mr. T impression
  • turkey sandwiches for breakfast
  • Sesame Street books from the 1970s
  • why a squirrel might attack someone and how to prevent such an attack from happening
  • scraping the textured paint off their bedroom ceiling to make it “snow” on their floor

poster children for the slacker movement.

Scotty and I had great plans for the weekend, including going to a music festival in town to see the band Xiu Xiu, going out for dinner, and visiting some friends who recently had a new baby. But did we do any of these things? Nope. We barely left the house all weekend, thanks to the shitty weather and general lack of motivation (I’m still adjusting to my Zoloft). We kept ourselves entertained through the beauty of movies and TV on the Internet. We watched: