i bet you didn’t know that…

  • I was once obsessed with the musical Cats.
  • I was almost named Melissa. Or David, had I been a boy.
  • I went to Disney World with my family when I was fourteen years old. During Gay Week.
  • I am a former member of the Joey Lawrence fan club.

on atheism and my hero.

Yesterday, I caught this wonderful interview with Richard Dawkins during Fresh Air on NPR. I actually sat in my driveway for five minutes in order to hear the piece in its entirety, because he is such an amazing person to listen to. He spoke on his book The God Delusion, on passion for scientific evidence, and on the different motivations to be a good human being. 

Richard Dawkins is probably the closest thing to my hero. Not only is he a brilliant man, Atheist, and supporter of science(although that could easily be enough!), but he is so coherent and intelligent when speaking about these things. I admit, it is so easy to become angry or annoyed when trying to make an argument for why I’ve renounced religion. Most of the reason behind this is because I feel like, to a rational adult willing to consider the evidence, it seems so obvious. I know, however, that a lot of people don’t find it so obvious and cling to their beliefs fervently. It’s hard, but not impossible, to change a mind. Which is why I’m glad that Richard Dawkins can speak so calmly and articulately about the subject.

For those of you who are Atheists, Dawkins and his books can only further solidify your convictions. For those of you with more questions than you can find answers, or for those who can open-mindedly consider some different ideas, I strongly encourage you to consider reading The God Delusion. Also, some other good books to look into are The End of Faith by Sam Harris and Why I Am Not a Christian by Bertrand Russell. At any rate, I encourage you to read and question and never stop learning, because if you do, then you’re done for.

potentially sad moments of the future.

Since Kya was very small, I have sang a little bit of a song – you might know it – to her, replacing part of the chorus with her name. It’s the Culture Club song “Karma Chameleon, and I sing it like this:

Kya Kya Kya Kya Kya Chameleon

You come and go

You come and go-o-o-o…

She knows this song well. Whenever she hears the real song, which is more often than you might think, she lights up and exclaims, “It’s my song! The Kya Chameleon song!” I know, someday, just as children discover there is no such thing as Santa or the Tooth Fairy, she’ll realize that it is not, in fact, “Kya” that Boy George is singing. And I can’t help but wonder if she’ll be a little let down by this.

But then again, it took me all of seventeen years to figure out that it was “karma” and not “comma” or “come-a” that was being sang, so maybe she’ll remain none the wiser.


three completely unrelated things.

  • My little sister is in Hawaii this week. She’s in Waikiki. I love her, but she can’t pronouce “Waikiki.” She called me from the beach yesterday. She’s mailing me a pineapple.
  • This morning, a coworker and I found a used condom on the floor of the last bathroom stall. This raises a plethora of questions that could never be answered short of DNA testing. We picked it up with coffee stirrers and threw it away.
  • Last night’s season finale of Battlestar Galactica made me say, “What? WHAT??!! NO!!!” because it was very odd and because I have to wait until 2008 for new episodes.

things i’ve learned this week.





  • Chaperoning a kindergarten field trip is not nearly as easy as it sounds. Okay, so I knew it wasn’t gonna be a piece of cake. Cean had a class trip to the WonderLab yesterday, and I agreed to go along. I was in charge of a group of four kids (including C). Me. All by myself. With four kindergarteners. Right, let me clarify: four children of an age when listening to Grownups Who Are Not In A Position Of Immediate Authority is completely out of the question. They humoured me on the bus ride there, but the minute we were inside the building, they were off. Luckily, the WonderLab isn’t huge, so I relaxed a little and let go of my ideal image of keeping us together and learning as a group.
    With the exception of a half-hour-long presentation about reptiles and a short lunch, they more or less ran around and played with science for four hours. And I did, too, so a good time was had by all.
  • Daylight savings really fucks with me. Yes, Scott, I hear you laughing, all the way over here. You are justified in your mockery. After all, I am the one who was all like, “I don’t know why people make such a big deal about it, nothing really changes, blah blah blah.” I am also the one who has been waking up an hour late every day for two weeks.
  • Parenting with rewards charts really works! Early this week, I brought the joys of charts and lists into the lives of my kids. With a little positive reinforcement (or, ahem, bribery with stickers), I’ve found that I can get the girls to do things like brush their teeth unaided, pick up toys, and even curb their whining (!!). They get a sticker each time they do one of these things (amongst others), and a certain amount of stickers warrants a special prize. I mean, who wouldn’t get more done at work or do more laundry with the promise of a Happy Meal?
  • Pantene’s spray wax is like WordPress for my hair. I’m a true hair product junkie. I have the track marks – um, I mean bathroom drawers and baskets – to prove it. I have everything – pomade, gel, hairspray, texturizing creme, molding mud (really), smoothing milk. All of it. But this week, I discovered spray wax and I love it. It’s better than normal wax (which I already love) because I can spray it directly onto my head. Or into my hands. Either way, it is perfect and makes my hair do pretty much exactly what I want it to.

disintegration of cuteness, a play in one short act.

The scene: Cean and I are in the car. We have just left the grocery store. We are stopped at a light. To our right is a gas station. Cean looks over, out her window.

Cean: Awww… look! It’s two birdies and one is on top of the other and they’re going to fly together!

Me: Um, what? Oh yeah, I see them. Wait, are those both birds?

Cean: Yeah! Um… I don’t know. I think it’s a bird eating some ice.

Me: I don’t know what that is…

Cean: Wait, that’s not ice. It’s a dead squirrel. Oh. It’s a bird eating a dead squirrel. Yuck.


we have crabs.

Hermit crabs, to be precise. Cean returned from Florida yesterday, bringing back with her the two creepy creatures in a plastic cage. I’d hardly classify these things as real pets, as they’re not exactly cuddly and pretty much the opposite of cute, but she loves them. She’s named them “Biggie” and “Small,” because they’re, well, big and small, respectively. They give me the willies, though – they’re like big, hard-shelled spiders.