happy halloween!

I love Halloween. It’s pretty much my favorite holiday, and I think it has mostly to do with the combination of the colors black and orange. I especially love all the spooky imagery that comes along with it… ghosts, vampires, skeletons, black cats. I much more prefer those things to Santa, snowmen, and evergreen trees. It’s also the only time of year I can go to the store and buy goblets in the shape of skulls.

Over the years, I have had many Halloween costumes. I’ve been a ghost, She-Ra, Pocahontas, a hippie, Sylvia Plath (yes, it’s true), a Spanish flamenco dancer, and several variations on a goth chick. Today, I am simply wearing a purple bob-length wig which I am very much enjoying, and which Kitten says makes me look like DeeDee Doodle from Nickelodeon’s The Doodlebops. I do not agree with her, but oh well.

Tonight, I will be ushering around a witch (C-Rex) and a black cat who has insisted that her costume include a skirt (Kitten). This will be the girls’ first year of “real” trick-or-treating, now that we live in a bona fide neighborhood. Hopefully, though, we don’t come across any neighbors like this guy, who thinks that kids are really going to a) care about and b) appreciate little bits of Christian paraphernalia along with their candy. Dude. Let it go. It’s one night a year. Lay off the Pagan-rooted holiday if you have such an issue with it. Your tract is just going to get tossed into the garbage along with those nasty orange- and black-wrapped chewy things.

Anyway, have a safe and happy Halloween, and watch out for those razor blades…



Confession: I love Fridays because I don’t have to think about what to post. I just have to answer questions. Thank you, Friday Five.

1) What was the last thing that you ate?
Toast with soy butter, chocolate soymilk, coffee.
2) Who was the last person you shared a meal with?
My kids, when we had Spaghettios for supper last night. Yes, SPAGHETTIOS. With garlic bread and mozzarella string cheese.
3) What is your favorite all time dish (recipes welcome)?
I have way too many to list. I really love mashed potatoes, though.
4) If you could eat one thing for an entire year, what would it be?
Six million variations of toast.
5) If you could have dinner with any five people (dead or alive) who would they be?
Jon Stewart, Catherine Deneuve, Sacha Baron Cohen, William S. Burroughs, Mitch Hedberg

i’m a sucker.

Everyone, this is Mr. Wig. Say hello.

One afternoon last week, I went to Starbucks for a coffee. While waiting for my drink, I was looking through the new fall/Halloween merchandise they had set out. I came across a bin of the cutest plush creatures I have ever seen. There were three different kinds, each looking like something straight out of Monsters, Inc., one of my favorite kid movies. I knew the girls would love them, so I got one of each and let them pick what they wanted. Kitten picked out the monster picture above and christened it “Wig,” which later became “Mr. Wig.” Please don’t ask me why she named him this, but it’s very cute and very funny.
Anyway, last Friday, when her dad picked her up, she wanted to take Mr. Wig with her, and I obliged. I started regretting that last night. She wouldn’t go to sleep, didn’t want to stay in bed, and began crying for Mr. Wig. “I want my Wiggy!” she wailed inconsolably.
So yes. At 10 PM last night, I drove to Starbucks and bought not a coffee but a small, stuffed, plush, one-eyed monster.


like martha stewart, minus the jail time.

This year, I cancelled my subscription to Jane magazine and switched to Real Simple instead.
I purchased a day planner and a list-organizing notebook.
I have a sewing machine on my Christmas list.
I spend a fair amount of time worrying about fitting all the food groups into my kids’ diet.
I prefer staying at home watching movies on the couch to going out.
I have made plans to go ice skating and bake cookies with my siblings for the holidays.
I am going to make ghosts out of white plastic trash bags with my kids this week.
I am also going to carve jack o’lanterns this week.
I will roast the seeds, too.

But dammit, I still wear socks with skulls on them.


about the wedding in sixty seconds.

Kicked off the day with a massage at a spa. Very nice and relaxing. Scotty spent the rest of the afternoon compiling the CDs for the reception – had to cut over 200 songs down to about 60. Got my nails done, then promptly fucked them up by bumping into a door, thumb first. Emergency trip to the beauty supply store to buy the same shade of nail polish to fix the fucked-uppedness. Lori came over, was very useful by helping me with bouquet, then she went to the Irish Lion to set up decorations. Got prettied up back at the homestead. Mom came over to help me into my dress. Parents drove me over to the Lion and let me out in an alley. Was smuggled upstairs and hidden in a closet/office. Bagpiper led me out with very loud and wonderful music. All the other restaurant patrons stood up, which was cool. Christian began ceremony. Scotty pledged to stand by me through good times vs. bad, mania vs. depression, baseball season vs. allergy season, buying DVDs vs. buying shoes, Dario Argento vs. Christopher Guest, surfing the net all night vs. going to bed at a decent hour, Joy Division vs. Tori Amos, pirates vs. ninjas, and Capitalism vs. Communism. I then pledged to stand by him through good times vs. bad, happiness vs. hangovers, lottery tickets vs. parking tickets, spooning vs. snoring, a stable home life vs. rearranging the furniture all the time, Margaret Atwood vs. Philip K. Dick, beer in the fridge vs. rising gas prices, astronauts vs. cavemen, and Democrats vs. Republicans. Put on rings, took eachother as man and lady (and said those words, too). Christian then ordered us to “make it so.” Big tongue kiss. Rest of the night dissolved into a blur of photos and champagne and cake and wonderful, wonderful friends and family. And now, we’re married.

Scott, you can, at times, be a terrible shit, but I love you like mad and I can say with complete confidence that on Friday the 13th, I married my best friend in the whole wide fucking world. We will have great adventures together, as well as great times of domestic routine, but through it all, we have eachother, and I’m looking forward to it already… the job, the family, the fucking big television. The washing machine, the car, the compact disc and electric tin opener…


to tide you over.

Here are some pictures from the wedding. I’ll blog all about it tomorrow. Enjoy!

Manny, waiting for me…

Winners of the 1st International Face-Eating Contest.

Hooray, marriage!

I gotta keep him in line.

We have a lot of teeth…

…which came in handy, ‘cos we have a lot of cake.


well. that was fun.

I am now officially Mrs. Manfred Manbride. Watch out!