i don’t know if i can take it anymore.

Kitten is an extremely musical child. She likes to sing, she likes to listen to music. I suspect at some point in the future, I’ll have to start shelling money out for some sort of instrument lesson. This is all wonderful – don’t think it doesn’t excite me to have a child so into music.

However, she has developed a recent fascination – no, obsession – that is rather amusing and somewhat bizarre.

Maybe it’s the hair. Or the makeup. Or the bright colors and lights. Or maybe it’s just Dee Snider’s charisma and crazy stage antics, but my daughter has become a die-hard fan of Twisted Sister.

She first “discovered” them by rifling through our collection of LPs. She picked up our copy of Stay Hungry, on which Dee is in full makeup, gnawing on a meaty bone. She asked me who it was, and I told her. Manny then found one of their videos on YouTube, and she has been in love ever since. We listen to them in the car. We watch their videos on YouTube. Over and over. She narrates them for us. We have conversations about them. Do you know how hard it is to explain to a three-year-old that Twisted Sister aren’t really sisters, or even girls, for that matter?

But this morning, when I woke her up, the first words out of her mouth as she sat up were “Twisted Sister!” She got out of bed, went downstairs, climbed on Manny’s lap, and demanded that he played her a video. And, feeding her obsession, he obliged.


i say it’s my birthday.

Today, at 11:36 AM, I will officially be 23 years old. This is a rather unremarkable age, but I will celebrate it nonetheless. Thank you to everyone who has/will be sending me birthday greetings/cards/presents/chips and salsa – I appreciate all of it and I love all of you!

I now present to you photos. Yay, photos!

I’m the one in the hat.

My dad, sporting a lovely hospital gown and some very 80s glasses.

I still wear sailor dresses from time to time, when I feel fancy.

This was before I smeared the cake all over my face.

engauging my eyes out.

Manny and I met with the guy who will be officiating our wedding ceremony the other night. He’s a really cool dude I work with, and we picked him because we didn’t really want a stranger sealing this big deal for us. Anyway, we had a great meeting with him, and I can’t wait to work on the vows. He’s giving us a basic structure for the vows, but allowing us to embellish them as we want. I won’t give away anything yet, but I will say that there will be lines from Star Trek worked in there. Brace yourselves, wedding guests.


it’s official!

Okay, so the long-running sort-of inside joke with Scott and I getting married has been that he hasn’t actually proposed. That’s right, we’ve been planning to get married for nine months now, and the wedding is all planned out, but he had never actually asked me to be his wife.Until tonight.

At 2 AM, on Sunday, September 10th, he finally got down on one knee, produced the ring, and said to me,

“Fuck it. Will you marry me?”

And of course, I said yes.

And because Stacey requested it, here is a close up of the ring. It’s tourmaline and silver, as I am not a diamonds kind of gal. I wanted something that I would have picked out myself to wear “normally,” and this was definitely the one.


the meaning of life.

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I like to think this woman has found it.
(this photo belonged to my grandmother. i don’t know who the subject is.)

i ♥ september.

Hooray for Friday! Considering that this may have been one of the longest weeks of all time, today is especially wonderful. I woke up in a good mood and my coffee tastes really excellent today. August is finally fucking over (i get to change all my eight hundred calendars!), and it’s now My Birthday Month (20 days to go!). Gas prices are falling (though I don’t hold my breath long on that one), as is the temperature, and tonight – oh yes, tonight I get to go shake my ass with the beautiful trifecta that is the Illustrious Indygirl, Pablo Perfecto, and Hot Tim. Whee!

I am also looking forward to a long weekend of relaxation. And I’ll finally get to watch Dead Poet’s Society, which I received from Netflix, like, a week ago.

Hmmm… there aren’t new questions up on the Friday Five, so I’ll do last September’s.

From September 2, 2005
1. Are you a frequent mover, or do you prefer to stay put?
Part of living in Bloomington is the joy of moving pretty much every year, or else face a hike in rental costs. Hopefully I’m past that now. In the past five years, I have lived in seven different places: my parents’ house, apartment #1, house #1, apartment #2, townhouse #1, apartment #3, and house #2. I hate moving, and I would prefer not to do it again for a loooong time.

2. If given the choice, which would you prefer: big house and long commute, or small house and short commute?
It would be more economical to have a small house and short commute, so I’d probably choose that. But not having enough space drives me insane.

3. Do you prefer to do your own repairs and decorating, or hire a professional?
Shit, I’m poor. I’ll do it myself or call Manny’s brother, who can fix pretty much anything.

4. Do you prefer a big open living area, or a cozy space?
I prefer a big, open living area. In my ideal setting, it would include a loft with lots of windows.

5. What features are important to you in a home (state-of-the-art kitchen, fireplace, screened-in porch, etc.)?
My ideal house would be older, with wood floors, a sun room with lots of windows for my piano, a kitchen with a window over the sink (to look out while I do dishes), a fireplace, a basement for Manny to retreat to (he is not a fan of light), lots of little nooks and crannies, a loft, and a spooky attic. And trees, lots of trees outside.

My current house is nothing like this. But it’s still a good house.