Guess who got to go see Dora’s Pirate Adventure live last night? Oh yes, it was me. Kitten and I went, met up with C-Rex and her mom, and we had a wonderful time. And yes, I was singing along to the songs. It was a blast.

in your face.

I swear I saw Tim Meadows (from SNL) on a bicycle this morning. I haven’t had any coffee this morning. I sang along to Bryan Adams on the Spirit soundtrack this morning (I had kids in the car). I watched James Lipton interview Angelina Jolie on Inside the Actor’s Studio yesterday and it just made…

possibly the weirdest thing said to me this week.

“Now, did I hear right that you’re interning at the Bloomington Historical Society?”–Coworker who doesn’t know me very well and picks up on strange rumours.My response?“No, actually, you heard completely wrong, but that sounds like fun.”