just don’t let her go in the backyard alone.

Congrats to Baby Jessica, who has apparently gotten married at the age of 19. Her husband can now refer to himself as “the guy who married the baby that got stuck in a well in 1987.”


head scans, coffee, and taxes.

Oh my!

I drank way too much coffee this morning – I feel like my head is about to fly away from my body. I could run all over the office, but then I’d probably have a heart attack.

Got my taxes done this morning. Yay.

Manny is getting a CAT scan done on his head today. Yep. For his sinuses.

Here’s what happened this weekend:
Friday, I made dinner (salmon, asparagus, and pasta) and we watched two movies – Still Crazy, with the adorable Bill Nighy (I’m willing to wager he’s never been described as “adorable,” but he is). Then we watched David Cronenberg’s Dead Ringers, which was beautiful in the creepy way that Cronenberg has perfected. It also made me never, ever want to go to the gyno again. Ever.

Saturday, Manny and I enjoyed actually spending some time together… we had lunch at our favorite Greek restaurant and then did some Target shopping. Then his daughter came over to spend the rest of the weekend with us. She and I watched The Neverending Story, which I hadn’t seen since about fourth grade. Later that night, I went out with Lori for some martinis… which sounds so pretentious, doesn’t it? Yes, we had martinis, but they were half-price. So there.

Sunday, I did about six loads of laundry and finished reading Camus’ The Stranger. Then I picked Kitten up from her dad’s, brought a pizza home, and watched a show on MTV about kids with gay parents.

Vive la weekend!

mixed messages.

I get lots of silly emails at work… most of them not intentionally silly. Allow me to share them with you. Keep in mind that most of these went out to all the employees…

  • “Valentine’s Day is nearly upon us and my wife has, in her own little ‘subtle’ way, let me know that this is what she wants. I haven’t been able to find one as of yet. I know that this is probably a long shot, but if anyone would happen to know of anyone who breeds Yorkshire Terriers to sale, please let me know.”
  • “I don’t know if everyone knows, but I left yesterday at 12 noon to head to the hospital for my father. He ended up having an emergency appendectomy, and during the course of the surgery, the doctor found a hernia the size of an orange, and also diverticulitis, which is an inflammation of the intestinal wall. The hernia had actually pulled part of his large intestine towards the right side of his body, and the large intestine walls had started to break down. Just coughing makes him scream in pain, so wish for a safe recovery.”
  • “I’m sorry if most of you don’t know that today is my last day. But, yes, it’s true- I’m leaving this place. Now I’m off to start my country singing career in Nashville. Please wish me luck! I’ll need it.”
  • “Has anyone seen my hammer?”
  • ” You are cordially invited to a Pampered Bride Kitchen Show. It’s More Than A Bridal Shower –It’s a Unigue Experience From the Pamered Chef!”
  • “I have some Chinese rice at my desk, which is up for grabs since I can’t eat it. First come, first serve.”
  • “If you or know somebody who would love a long weekend of drumming with London’s famous DrumJam “Somesh” , indoors and in the fugue of an old settlement, also experience my workshop of introduction into Ocean Therapy- An Inner intuitive healing journey, then this might be for you.”
  • “Koorsen Fire Protection will be here today to perform routine maintenance on the building’s sprinkler systems. This effort will not disrupt operations, but I am told it is possible that a mild gas-like odor may be detectable during certain phases of the process.”
  • kate bush and what i’ve done lately.

    I am listening to Kate Bush’s album Hounds of Love(yes, Manny, that’s one of your CDs I borrowed this morning). Kate Bush has the sexiest lady voice ever. Sexy Lady Voice would be a good name for a band. Then you could name your albums after ladies who have sexy voices, like Kate Bush and PJ Harvey and Britta Phillips and Elizabeth Fraser from the Cocteau Twins.

    Yep. You sure could.

    Anyway, so it’s been a slow week. Started class Monday – a very basic PhotoShop/Illustrator class that should be quite easy. Had some fun in court with Kitten’s dad yesterday, then came home and had Fazoli’s for dinner. Then I, on a whim, rearranged our bedroom and it’s lovely. It’s like a brand new room. The bed isn’t pushed up against the wall anymore and I might actually start making it now (that’s Manny’s job).

    Today, I took my car to the mechanic to have some issues fixed, like rotation/alignment/balance/and some kind of belt replacement. Anyway, stuff that needed to be done because the car was all wonky and pulled to the right.

    Lunch meeting at work today… mmm… pizza…

    And that’s about it.

    Man, I really want to get my cello. Does anyone know how to play?


    i’m kinda busy today.

    Cause it’s Monday and I have my first class tonight. I would have had it two weeks ago if I hadn’t been retarded and thought it was on Tuesdays instead. Anyway, I have some homework to do. And some real work, on top of that.

    So the weekend was nice. Did everything I said I was going to AND had a pizza. Three movies and a pizza with white sauce, artichokes, pepperoni, and pineapple. Yum! Got some high-quality secondhand shopping in… ask me about my pointy shoes and my Lulu Guinness makeup bag. And my hippie shirt that Manny hates.

    So because I am not feeling particularly creative, here’s just another list of random stuff I like:

  • lounge music
  • peaches and cream instant oatmeal
  • post-it notes
  • penguins
  • Queer Eye for the Straight Guy
  • Nina Persson’s voice (the girl from the Cardigans)
  • making collages
  • monogrammed purses
  • Jesus says, “Are you eyeballin’ me, son?”
  • Monty Python’s Flying Circus
  • clove gum
  • And to just mix it up, here’s some stuff I don’t like:

  • all-employee surveys
  • gold jewelry
  • plain old black licorice
  • my neighbors
  • the smell of White Rain hairspray
  • Jessica Simpson

    That’s good enough for now.

  • abbaphile.

    Dear Benny, Frida, Agnetha, and Björn:

    I love you. Your music is magical. “S.O.S” is my favorite ABBA song. Thank you for being Swedish and for being wonderful.




    friday i’m still in love.

    Yep, still listening to Galore.I can’t help it, it just makes me happy.

    So I’m in a pretty good mood today. Kitten is halfway potty-trained, which is a huge deal. She’s two and a half, and I’m really ready to stop spending a quarter of my income on diapers. We bought her a little potty the other night. She’s used it once, and now just wants to use the big potty. Yes, I use words like “potty.” Say it out loud. It’s a funny word. So anyway, we’re tackling the potty-training bit, so that’s something good.

    Planning to have a pretty cinematic weekend… tonight, Manny and I are going to see an Orson Welles double-feature. First up is The Magnificent Ambersons, followed by The Third Man. I’ve not seen either of these, but Manny is a huge Welles fan… and I think I’ll like them. And hell, it’s free, so I’m not complaining.

    Then tomorrow, we’ll get Manny’s daughter in the afternoon, and then we’re all going to see King Kong. Should be a pretty good time.

    So everyone have a good weekend. I’m going to gain five pounds from popcorn butter.

    Oh, and check out this great picture of Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker I found… look at that dead cat they’re holding… it doesn’t have any eyes!!!